Main Services

Property Guarding.

Always alert, always vigilant, First Quality Security Services keeps an eye on your property.

Our teams are specially trained and equipped with the latest high tech surveillance technology to ensure that you and your business are guaranteed protection around the clock.

A 24-hour control room means that a full complement of security-personnel is at hand to tackle any breach of security swiftly and effectively.


Access Control

We use state of the art electronic surveillance systems to monitor all access points and perimeters, effectively stopping illegal access to your property.

The key in our badge symbolizes our commitment to the highest level of effective corporate, business and factory security.

Event Security

First Quality Security Services is equipped to cover the whole event, from the parking lot and door, to back and front of stage.

International Partners have enabled First Quality Security Services to train selected personnel to WORLD CLASS standards, thereby providing cost efficient safety and risk solutions for major events and film productions for film crews working on South African soil.

Everything from principle bodyguards to large set security, our personnel are trained to be discreet and professional at all times.




First Quality Security personnel are regularly submitted to an intense training program in order to maintain our high standards in all respects.



vip protection

Our in-house training facilities enable us to grade our security officers according to strict SECURITY OFFICERS BOARD standards.

Equally important is the fact that we cater to the development of the individual by training them to meet military standards of professionalism, neatness and responsibility.

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